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Huebsch HY Series Washer Extractor

Product ID: HY20-70

Huebsch® softmount washer extractors offer smooth operation and a flexible, easy-to-install freestanding design. These machines are built for durability with strong, stainless steel construction. And with 350-400 G-Force and revolutionary time-saving, utility saving features, they’re designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs – delivering 15% less water consumption than previous models. Improve your laundry performance like no other with our 20, 25, 30, 40, 55 and 70 lb capacities.

20 – 70 lb
Key Product Features:
  • Variable speed performance: programmable wash speeds also ensure superior linen care, while high-speed extracts of 350-400 G-Force reduce drying times significantly.
  • Easy to install: because of their heavy-duty suspension systems with optimal spring and shock construction, Huebsch softmounts don’t require any special foundations. That keeps installation costs low and offers flexibility to install on any floor of your building.
  • Proven frame design: engineered with formed steel construction for strength and dependability.
  • Stainless steel cylinder and outer tub: superior durability with perforated cylinder ribs for optimal mechanical wash action.
  • Four-compartment soap box: ergonomically designed for ease of use when manually closing. Multiple chemical ports at the rear of the unit provide complete chemical closing for flexibility in your laundry design.
  • Large door openings: extremely durable and offer easy loading and unloading for improved efficiency.

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