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Fire Department

Partnership to fit your needs
Gulf States Laundry Machinery has partnered with Huebsch laundry equipment and has been focused on providing for the specific needs of the fire industry. We work closely with our customers to identify and address the key concerns they face every day, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership and the highest quality equipment in the industry. When there is a fire, firefighters need to be safe, compliant, and ready. Huebsch laundry equipment delivers long-lasting performance to ensure the gear gets clean and maintains its protective integrity.


To be a winner, partner with one…or two
Huebsch and Gulf States Laundry machinery Co. want to ensure that your uniforms look their best and that your towels are as comfortable as they are clean. Athletics departments have one overall goal, to make sure that they have a winning team. In the Athletics industry, it is safe to say that the staff is primarily part-time employees, our easy-to-use controls make consistent, repeatable laundry bilingual cycles as easy as pushing a button. When your athletics facility needs to turn around their garments and linens as quickly as possible, you can rely on Huebsch to provide some of the fastest cycle times in the industry, saving nearly a lot more time per load compared to an economy machine .Huebsch commercial laundry products have Galaxy control programming flexibility and cycle monitoring ensure only top-quality results. Most athletic facilities rely on automatic chemical dispensing to provide approved detergents, fabric softeners or bleach. Choose from a variety of Huebsch commercial laundry products, offer automatic dispensing systems to meet the needs of your facility.
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