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Give your guests an exceptional customer experience and let the atmosphere fill their senses inviting them to relax. Take total control over your laundry cost, quality and management. Let Gulf States Laundry Machinery Company, make your laundry room more efficient, dependable while lowering your utility bills dramatically.

Why should I choose Huebsch commercial laundry products, for my hospitality business?
With unmatched durability, performance and efficiency, Huebsch Commercial Laundry is the preferred brand for hotels, motels and inns all over the world. Innovations like hotel washer extractors with 400 G-Force extraction and Galaxy™ controls and hotel tumblers with OPT™ or Over-dry Prevention Technology combine to quickly restock rooms with clean, comfortable linens for ultimate room turnover, heightened customer satisfaction and minimized operating costs.

How can I save money with Huebsch commercial laundry?
Minimized Costs for Hotel On-Premises Laundries. The absolute lowest cost of ownership in the industry helps keep you within your budget. Huebsch tumble dryers offer quick drying times for hotel tumble dryers. With Huebsch commercial dryers laundry rooms can now experience minimized drying times and easy-to-operate controls reduce labor costs and training time. With Huebsch Commercial washers, Industrial Strength for Hotel On-Premises Laundries Unmatched durability, backed by an industry-leading warranty, minimizes downtime and optimizes throughput. Downtime, costs money, that is why with Gulf States Laundry Machinery Company, our experienced and knowledgeable sales & service staff are committed to providing the best service in the industry, guaranteed!
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