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Fulton (ICT) Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler


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The Tribute® is the latest and most advanced vertical tubeless boiler from Fulton. The name "Tribute" pays homage to founder Lewis Palm's development of the vertical tubeless boiler many decades ago. The Tribute combines Fulton's time-tested pressure vessel design with state-of-the-art controls and burner technology. This new technology includes an advanced pre-mixing style burner and variable-speed fan. This design yields low emissions with high turndown performance and efficiencies up to 84%. In addition, we have designed our own state-of-the-art control system to display boiler operations. The result is a premier industrial / commercial steam generator, with the same rugged construction that you get with every Fulton boiler Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler Output: 9.5 - 30 BHP 95 - 300 kW Output: 318k - 1MM Btu/hr 80k - 253k kcal/hr |Rugged and proven pressure vessel design |Advanced burner technology |Low emissions standard: <12ppm NOx |Quiet operation with HMI controls


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