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White- Conveyors 24-Hour Automated Conveyor System

Product ID: ADC

Introducing White Conveyors Automated Dry Cleaner. ADC was designed for safe secure unattended 24/7 drop off and pick up of laundry and dry cleaning. White Conveyors 24 Hour Automatic Dry Cleaner gives your company two important benefits. You can dramatically increase your profits while reducing costs by replacing attended dropstores. White Conveyors 24 Hr Automatic Dry Cleaner expands your customer base by placing an unattended ADC at a train station, office building, corporate campus or apartment complex. The possibilities for placement are endless and so are the potential profits when you put the ADC to work for you. The ADC provides fast return on investment. You can expect 100% ROI in 2 years or less. Just sit back and collect remarkable profits for many years with the ADC. What's more, your customers will love the round-the-clock convenient service. They can drop off or pick up garments anytime, day or night, on their way to work or play. There is no better way to build customer loyalty and new business. Major credit cards are utilized for on-site enrollment, making the system easy to use. Garments are delivered rapidly - the conveyor delivers multiple orders in a cycle that is typically less than 30 seconds. White Conveyors ADC is the perfect solution to expand your existing business, improve customer service and increase profits. Advantages Unattended drop off & pick up of dry cleaning & laundry-with fast Return On Investment Offers you a Competitive Advantage due to greater Customer Service Flexible order payment-by credit card, direct billing, debit accounts, or prepayment Fast delivery times-the conveyor always takes the shortest route Interfaces with DCCS, SPOT and other major Point Of Sale management programs Weather resistant for indoor or outside applications Configurable to fit existing building-can go up, down and around corners Expandable as your business or needs grow-with all modular construction Sturdy construction with long lasting components-for many years of reliable use American made with prompt support by White authorized distributors

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