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Hi-Steam Tensioning Shirt and Blouse Finisher Plus

Product ID: SAM-451

SAM-451 for "hand finished quality" for shirts, blouses, lab coats, polo shirts, suit jackets, etc

Hand finished look with no broken buttons and little or no touch-ups
all size garments, large & small , extra large or extra small shirts, extra large or extra small blouses (down to size 2 in ladies’ blouses)
Spandex© and other hard to press fabrics
All styles, cuts, and heavy starchNo shine or discoloration on dark colored garments
Height adjustable: easy to load short garments (shirts, blouses) raise the form for tall garments
Simple to operate no experience needed
Efficient Press body & sleeves in one operation Electric Eye – automatically finds the proper length of the garment<
Self-contained Vacuum allows operator to properly position the shirt
9 programs for steam, steam/air and air cycles.


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