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Why a Coin Laundry?

We've all seen the commercials on TV late at night, some man in a slick suit telling us that we can get rich quick by following his plan. Most of these investments rarely ever work. But, this is one time, where if you follow the plan, you can enjoy a profitable and secure investment. It's a coin that has been asked over and over again. Why a coin laundry? What makes it such a sound business? It's simple really. It can provide you with a financial security, a strong return on investment and freedom. 

Designed for the modern entreprenuer

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a new laundromat vended store owner, Gulf States & Huebsch Laundry Systems can help define your goals and provide a clear vision for a new era in commercial laundry. Gulf States will get you started with industry-leading services, such as great financing available through Alliance Laundry Systems financing, Gulf States will also help you with site selection, and store layout, as well as support from our expert parts & service department. Gulf States and Huebsch laundry systems bring you the new evolution of our vended laundry stores. contempary designs from our in-house interior design team, that has partnered up with Huebsch Laundry systems to provide you the step closer to your dream, coin-laundry/vended store. With truly distinctive ideas to make your store environment your own, you can enhance the customer experience and differentiate your laundromat/coin/card vended laundry store from your competitors. Call Gulf States today and find out how you can make your store, the ultimate dream store....that is profitable!

Making You Money- Low Overhead and an ALL Cash Business

Unlike investing in a 401(k) or in real estate, the coin laundry industry is going to be continuously solid. After all, people need clean clothes. Even during an economic downturn, coin laundries are thriving and generally recession resistant. With repeat business, low labor costs and an all cash business, there is a higher return on investment. Consider this, According to a 2008 presentation by the Coin Laundry Association, while 401(k)'s and other investments were down over a three year time period between 2005 & 2008, coin laundry values were up 20 percent annually. Now that is bang for your buck! And when other businesses and industries are facing layoffs and reporting record losses, the coin laundry industry isn't usually one of them. Instead many coin laundry owners are enjoying pre-tax profits between and 30 percent, sharing an annual sales volume of nearly $5 billion industry-wide. Industry forecasters are projecting continued growth as society continues to change and population grows. Coin laundries are expected to play a greater role in providing a way for people to reduce time spent doing laundry, reduce a households environmental footprint and save them money on utilities as costs rise. According to AHAM, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, sales of home laundry equipment were down a whopping 6.8% in its 2008 report. That is a piece of the pie that savvy coin laundry owners are marketing to by highlighting the benefits of utilizing a laundromat to clean clothes.

Enjoying the Rapid Return on Investment

There are many businesses out there take years to break even. With owning a restaurant, for example, it could be a minimum before you actually see a profit. But with a coin laundry, the overhead is lower and hitting your breakeven point comes alot faster, meaning you will see a faster return on your investment and begin to enjoy the profits. To calculate your breakeven point comes a lot faster, meaning you will see a faster return on your investment and began to enjoy the profits.

Choosing the right distributor: A key decision to be made.

Once you have decided that a laundromat is a business you may be interested in pursuing, an equally important decision is selecting the best distributor that you can feel can work closely with you through the process. In the early days of the coin laundry industry, the role of the commercial laundry distributor was simply to sell you washers and dryers, but today they are a far more valuable asset to both the manufacturer and the coin laundry owner/operator. With years of knowledge and experience in their arsenal of tools, todays distributors are working with laundromat owners as consultants rather than just equipment dealers.
While investigating on opening a Coin/Card laundry, the first step should be a call to your local authorized equipment distributor. These companies are going to serve as your partners in owning and opening a laundromat, at Gulf States Laundry Machinery co, our main goal is to make sure you succeed, our reputation is as good as your success, that is why Gulf states Laundry Machinery Company, has won numerous awards as a Top Tier distributor, our stores are highly successful, because of the planning and commitment involved. Gulf States will assist you with your business plan development, financing if needed, determining the proper location, choosing the right equipment mix, setting the vend price, develop a comprehensive marketing plan, and serve as a connection between laundry owners and the manufacturers should any equipment concerns arise. But with all the experience, it still comes down to a matter of selecting the person that has the time, patience and expertise to help you with this new venture.


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